I-9 Management
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I-9 Management Brochure

Create I-9s with fewer errors using a consistent process, find missing I-9s, track compliance,and monitor expiring documentation.

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WOTC maximization with I-9 integration

Maximize your WOTC credit capture opportunities by integrating with your I-9 Management. Link the compliance requirements of Form I-9 with the value of WOTC.

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Compliance Bulletin

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We make it easy.

Equifax I-9 management services help employers face the challenges of the I-9 process with a service that evolves steadily to meet the ever-changing regulatory landscape. With Equifax, you both reduce your liability and achieve cost savings through paperless, electronic I-9s and an integration with E-Verify®.


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Stop Paper Management.

Many employers have thousands, if not more, pieces of paper they are holding on to for current and past employees and are not sure when or if they can purge expired documents. Our I-9 management service automatically disposes of expired I-9s based on government standards, unless you would like to hold on to these forms.

Control Missing I-9s.

Using your current employment data, Equifax can provide compliance reports to you.  These reports identify missing I-9s, I-9s needing renewal and provide you with an overall compliance score.

Compliant remote hiring nationwide

Leveraging a network of Form I-9 specialists stationed across hundreds of locations throughout the U.S., remote employees can complete Section 1 of their Form I-9 electronically and then visit the nearest center to have Section 2 completed in person by an employer agent.

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Confirm Work Eligibility.

The E-Verify® system automatically checks the work authorization of new hires with the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security databases to reduce or eliminate your liability.


"As a result of the I-9 implementation, Cinemark was able to eliminate all fraudulent or invalid I-9s, become paperless, eliminate redundancy..."

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