Tax Credits and Incentives
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Tax Credits and Incentives Brochure

Learn about how Equifax can assist employers in identifying overpaid taxes, managing their tax liabilities, and minimizing their compliance risk.

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News and Tips

Find the latest information on legislative issues and advice on how to manage your tax liabilities.

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Partner with Equifax to ensure you capture all the tax credits and incentives you're eligible for.

Equifax assembles all available intelligence on incentives at the federal, state, and local level and combines the information with proprietary database technology to identify all credits available to each of your locations.

WOTC maximization with I-9 integration

Through the Compliance Center, Equifax provides a unique process that links the compliance requirements of Form I-9 with the value of WOTC. Maximize credit capture opportunities while your standard and required new hire workflow is completed.

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Thorough and Comprehensive

The available credits are numerous and complex, and change constantly.  As a result, billions of dollars in approved credits go uncollected every year.  We work with you on a risk-free basis to discover any and all programs that may apply to your organization.

Location Based Incentives

We help clients develop opportunities by approaching states and local municipalities directly. You can leverage the Equifax team’s knowledge base to identify promising opportunities, develop compelling proposals, and carry negotiations to a successful conclusion.

Legislative Updates

Use our interactive map to view the most recent legislative updates by state.

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View federal updates

Service Meets Technology

We work with you to clarify goals and expectations internally and make sure deadlines are met for date-driven credits. Equifax will help you develop files and extract information when you’re looking for past opportunities you may have missed, or assist as you coordinate changes to your hiring process to ensure all new hires are evaluated for potential tax credits.

Follow Up

We stay with you at every step, including certifications, providing data and information you’ll need for tax filings and audit support, and providing management reports detailing results of the program.