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Workforce analytics has evolved

You may know what's happening inside your walls, but how does that help you remain competitive within your industry or geographic region? Workforce analytics goes far beyond measuring your own organization's metrics and trends.

Equifax empowers you to compare your organization to industry trends by seamlessly connecting the most recent employment benchmarks to your own workforce data – all within one analytics platform. With this insight, your business can confidently make strategic decisions that enable you to thrive in today's competitive economy.

More than an analytics tool

QuickStart Workforce Analytics is more than an analytics tool – it's a decision enablement platform that delivers data-driven answers to your questions with its ability to:


Connect data from any source – no matter the location – to provide a 360° view of your workforce.


Provide stakeholders with quick, secure access to information they need, when they need it.


Explore dozens of pre-built dashboards and reports or create your own.


Send automated reports in a variety of formats as often as you'd like.


Compare your key metrics to industry benchmarks.
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Employment Benchmarks
Check out the latest hiring, pay, and turnover trends – only from Equifax.

Affordable Care Act
Are you prepared? Check out for our ACA resources for employers and learn how our platform can help.

Custom Solutions
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